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Technology Fundamentals - Essay Example

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Multiculturalism has its importance in social studies in recent times owing to cultural and societal coexistence and wellbeing around the world. The significance of that in academic curriculum is…
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Technology Fundamentals
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"Technology Fundamentals"

Download file to see previous pages The literature, art and history on the matter should be explored to reduce the doubts and blanks about the objective kept. Comparison between those should be done to dig most appropriate ideas and facts.
Lakota Sioux culture poses an interesting and profound one which creates a domain of better analytical and reading opportunities. The areas of their prevalence, linguistic values, beliefs, tradition, dressing styles etc. all are equally important for the study. The culture of Lakota Sioux is being identified from various sources giving rigid support for out studies. Students should understand the distinct facts and values of Lakota Sioux culture through the completion of the set learning objective.
“Rosebud Traditional Lakota Radio Station” is good source for Lakota Sioux cultural appreciation which helps in “building an independent traditional radio station on rosebud” (Rosebud traditional Lakota radio station and drive, n.d., para.1). The radio broadcast helps to revitalizes the courage, strength and quintessence of self-important Lakota Sioux culture. The broadcast is carried out as KINI FM 96.1 with much support given to spreading the virtues and traits of Lakota Sioux through various music programs which are connected to classic as well as modern touches of their culture.
The other perspectives to be observed are the history, art and performance of Lakota Sioux. The films are very good sources of these factors explicitly. Two films named "Lakota Quillwork: Art and Legend-A Story of Sioux Porcupine Quilling: Past and Present. 1990" and "TAHTONKA: The Plains Indians and Their Buffalo Culture. 1973” can be utilized for achieving our learning objective. (Maldonado & Winick, 2004, para.3). It is a tradition among Lakota females to conduct ‘porcupine quilling’ which is being covered completely in the film Lakota Quillwork: Art and Legend-A Story of Sioux Porcupine Quilling: Past and Present. The audience get ideas on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Fundamentals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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