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How do changing approaches to geography affect the knowlege produced about development in the global south over time - Essay Example

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Since long, it has been those who could adapt themselves with the changing times, could survive the transforming phases. One of the most essential equipments in the hands of human to survive and develop has…
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How do changing approaches to geography affect the knowlege produced about development in the global south over time
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Extract of sample "How do changing approaches to geography affect the knowlege produced about development in the global south over time"

Download file to see previous pages observed that while some of the countries or the land areas have attained much higher degree of knowledge, many of the areas are still in the dark and just have commenced to get the light of the modern education system.
The area that is broadly classified as the ‘Global South’ had been under prolonged ‘darkness’ with regards to education and knowledge. The citizens of the area were never treated at par with their counterparts of the other parts of the world, till recently. The development of the global south has been basically characterized by the globalization and the modernization. It has been because of globalization, the citizens of those backward areas could get the ray of hope as it had all the attributes of being huge market. The way the Chinese firms entered into the Nigerian textile industry is a perfect example of such effects of globalization. Without much advantages of the modern knowledge, Nigeria turned out to be the dumping ground of the inferior quality Chinese goods which ultimately destroyed the indigenous industry of the land (Akinrinade & Ogen, 2008).
Though such acts of globalization had certain de-merits for those nations but with time the light of knowledge could be accessed in those backward countries too. The various types of knowledge used in those economies of Global South include ontology and epistemology. Ontology is that branch of philosophy that studies the reality along with categories of being and their relations. Epistemology, on the other hand, is a much broader term and provides due emphasis on the different facets of acquired knowledge. The epistemology, as the experts suggest, is also a branch of philosophy that takes in to purview the various features, scopes and limitations of the knowledge. The four basic attributes of the epistemology include the definition of knowledge, the way of acquiring such knowledge, knowledge of the people and the certainty of knowing what people know (Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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