According to Carl Segan Why we are Star Stuff - Assignment Example

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Both matter and energy can be found in different forms like solid, liquid, gas plasma, mechanical energy, light energy, sound energy, nuclear energy etc. The total amount of matter and energy in the…
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According to Carl Segan Why we are Star Stuff
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Why we are "Star Stuff" Energy and matter are the fundamental things upon which our universe exists. Both matter and energy can be found in differentforms like solid, liquid, gas plasma, mechanical energy, light energy, sound energy, nuclear energy etc. The total amount of matter and energy in the universe is a constant one even though we can convert one form of matter and energy into another form. Moreover, we can transfer both matter and energy from one place to another. Considering all the above points, Carl Segan has commented that we are star stuffs.
The elements found on stars are available on earth and even in our bodies. For example, stars are surviving because of the conversion of hydrogen into helium. In other words, stars have major deposits of hydrogen and helium. Our body also has same elements. If all the matter and energy originated from a single source and if it is impossible to make new energy or matter, it means that whatever the elements present in our body was once belonged to a heavenly object which is responsible for the evolution of our universe.
As per the observations made by NASA, "the universe was created sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter and in all directions" (Origin of the Universe). All stars and planets originated from this big bang as per the common belief of scientific world which forced Carl Segan to make the comment that we also once the part of stars.
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