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This is a dissertation proposal for a mixed method study to be conducted using a triangulation design to find out if online learning is more effective in terms of student achievement than traditional classroom learning. The study will be another contribution to the field of…
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Analyzing Data in a Mixed Methods Research
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Download file to see previous pages The study will involve comparing student achievement levels using quantitative analysis of academic results and qualitative survey findings but the qualitative component will in addition seek to identify if there are any underlying differences in student interest and motivation. One hundred participants will be drawn from the student population of Northcentral University School of Education with an equal number of students studying online and studying in classrooms.
Online learning as opposed to face-to-face traditional classroom learning became a possibility with the advent of computer networks, most notably the Internet. It usually takes place over a distance, in which case it is a form of ‘distance learning’, or it can be combined with the traditional methods either in-class or remotely, in which case it is known as ‘mixed-mode’ or ‘blended learning’.
For this study, the researcher proposes to examine online learning by comparing it to traditional classroom learning with a view to ascertaining whether it leads to any greater achievement among online students. A brief background of the study overviews the rise and growth of online learning pointing out that it is roughly commensurate with the growth of the Internet and online educational technologies. The problem statement highlights the concern among providers of online education and the complications involved in making comparisons between online and traditional learning and justifying the former in the face of counter evidence showing no significant differences.
The purpose statement sets out the purpose of the study by detailing the aim, method, control variables and sample characteristics. This is followed by the theoretical framework, which is a prelude to a full literature review and sets the proposed study in context by mentioning other studies that have previously made similar comparisons. The research questions formally define the precise questions that will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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