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Male and female psychology ( similarities and differencess between them ) - Essay Example

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The similarities and differences between males and females offer an important area of study in psychology and the concepts of both male and…
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Male and female psychology ( similarities and differencess between them )
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"Male and female psychology ( similarities and differencess between them )"

Download file to see previous pages For example, it is often maintained that the females are more perceptive than males and they can understands social situations much better that what males can. Therefore, the psychological differences between men and women offer a significant area of analysis and understanding the various similarities and differences between male and female psychology can help one in developing successful relationship with the opposite sex. This paper makes a reflective exploration of the similarities and differences between male and female psychology in order determine some of the basic aspects in the psychological construction of each sex.
Male and female psychology has various elements in common, although the differences between these gender identities are often stressed. Gender identity is fundamentally created by the difference between male and female psychology and biological aspects. In comparison with males, the females have a greater ability to pick up on social cues and they understand social situations better. An understanding of the communication styles of both the sexes reveals the difference between the emotional aspects of the two groups. “In course of socialization, communication and relationships become more important for women, as compared to men. Gender differences in the amount of communication and stronger orientation of women towards interpersonal communication have been described. Girls are reported to be more relaxed in their communication with boys than vice versa. Moreover, they communicate more passively, but tend to be more friendly and selective.” (Vasyura, 2008). Therefore, the emotional aspects of men and women differ greatly and the gender identity of each sex is determined also by these psychological differences.
In conclusion, a reflective exploration of the similarities and differences between male and female psychology confirms that the differences result in the gender identity of each sex. An understanding of these similarities and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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