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International Bus Management - Essay Example

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1) As mention in the document attached about the used of the Integration / responsiveness (IR Framework) which is the framework which have to be included in the assignment so used it with the chart and by relating it to the chosen company. (I have attached an example of IR…
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International Bus Management
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"International Bus Management"

Download file to see previous pages communications, technology and transportation have provided the process a new momentum and have made the planet more co-dependent than ever (Global Policy Forum, 2010). The multinational organizations manufacture their products in a number of countries and sell to the consumers around the globe (Global Policy Forum, 2010). Raw materials, Money, technology and human resources have started moving across nations more swiftly than ever. Along with that the products, finances, cultures and ideas circulate more easily (Global Policy Forum, 2010). As a consequence, the legal, social and economics movements have been forming in International level. It is the time to have globalization in every aspect; globalization of economics, globalization of culture and legal environment (Global Policy Forum, 2010).
The company, Nestle is a leading global company with its existence in around 130 countries around the world (Nestle, n.d.).The report consists of the analysis of its strategy in local and global markets. The company’s competitive strategy, foreign market entry strategy, market enhancement strategies as well as some other local and global strategies has been discussed below. At the same time a glance at the organizational structure of the company can provide an influential factor behind the success of the organization.
Nestle is one of the most respected brand name in the global food and beverage industry. The company promotes its products in around 130 nations across the globe (Nestle, n.d.). Some of its well known global brands include Maggi, Nestea, Nescafe, Friskies and Nestle. Apart from its own products the company owns around 52% of shares of Alcon Inc and about 30 % of the cosmetic giant, L’Oreal (Hoovers, 2010). Such diverse range of products makes it a leading brand not only in the world of food and beverages but attempts to elevate it to greater heights.
This part of the report has been based on the tactical theories, written by renowned authors on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Bus Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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