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By definition, these groups seek to change the way powerful organizations such as governments and corporations work. They do not usually have people that run for democratically elected positions, but will throw…
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Download file to see previous pages... In all cases, pressure groups use a wide variety of tactics to try to bring about change in governments and corporations. Some of the groups insist on staying within the laws of the nations in which they operate. They raise funds, educate and lobby members of government to enact laws that support their views. In non-democratic countries, this is often not possible because the very existence of the pressure group may be illegal. Other pressure groups seek to bring attention to their cause by creating legal public displays such as marches and rallies. By doing this, they hope to generate interest in their group and their cause that will result in greater public awareness and increased membership (Utting). Sometimes these marches and rallies are legal and sometimes they break laws such a permit violations or obstructing public places. If they turn violent, inciting riotous behavior laws can be brought to bear against these groups. Other pressure groups flagrantly break the law as a means of drawing attention to their cause. They will trespass, vandalize and defame as a means of swaying public opinion.
While many various tactics can be used by pressure groups, one thing these groups cannot do is force any corporation or government to change. They must influence the population in free and oppressed states around the world to achieve their goals. This paper will examine the goals and tactics of three pressure groups that are currently active in the United Kingdom and in some cases, around the world.
One public pressure group is the Open Spaces Society. This group works to protect common land, pathways, right of ways and village greens from encroachment and blockage. This group is a very good example of a decentralized pressure group that acts locally and entirely within the law.
A brief history of the group is essential to understanding how they operate and why they use the tactics they do. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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