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The first recommendation is from the Case Management system. Solving crime in a timely manner is important as we all know, “Justice Delayed is…
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Make up one
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"Make up one"

Download file to see previous pages As mentioned in the review, delay in time affects “jury’s decision” which prolongs a victim’s agony. A recent example of this is illustrated in the recent news report by New Haven Register :
“A backlog at the state forensic laboratory is contributing to a delay in the case against a 33-year-old West Haven man accused of raping and killing a 7-year-old girl, a judge said Thursday”( Tinley, 2010)
The second recommendation that should be done is to simply establish the right procedure for forensic requests. The first-come first-serve basis must be observed along with a system that thoroughly evaluates the importance of a request. This recommendation shows that the crime lab has difficulty in providing timely forensic results which deters catching criminals.
“All labs have to be accredited, which costs money. But ask police and prosecutors and they will tell you it is the best expenditure that they ever made. Nobody hates bad lab work more than a prosecutor does, thats how cases get lost. They hate it. It is another win-win proposition for the criminal justice system”(Lyons & Burton, 2001, p. 10)
A serial killer may be able to escape and continue to commit crime in other states as a result of this delay. Again, implementation of this depends on the managers of the crime laboratory. They may not be wanting in forensic skills, however they need to be trained about management so they can evaluate, and assess their current policies.
The third recommendation that must be implemented the least is developing a system of notification for cross-over requests. Again, the recommendation I chose is all about establishing a system which can be delivered by the Technical Assistance Section. It is ironic that while victims are suffering and perpetrators are on the loose, evidence is ready but no one is fully aware of that. Its implementation depends on how the management of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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