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This paper aims at providing a few of the different sides of debates of this topic. The main stakeholders that are included in the initiative include the healthcare providers, the citizens of America and…
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U02d1 Research and Discuss Rationing
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RUNNING HEAD: RATIONING DEBATES Rationing Debates u02d1 Research and Discuss Rationing Submitted by: XXXXXX Number: XXXXXX of XXXXXXXX
There have been several different approaches to the concept of rationing. This paper aims at providing a few of the different sides of debates of this topic. The main stakeholders that are included in the initiative include the healthcare providers, the citizens of America and the Government. It has been noted that irrespective of the costs the healthcare providers are more focused on the quality of care that is given to the customers. Similarly the government has been more focused on reducing the expenses related to healthcare while broadening the access to the sector as well.
The term rationing is one where the United States is not faced with a shortage of service as the level of goods and services of the country are not used, or are out of demand. This generally tends to happen when there is a limit that is implemented on the goods and services and is based on the ability to pay. Considering the general public here in the case, there is a huge misbelieve that if there is a medical condition and a possible treatment for it, then the insurance companies are liable to pay irrespective of the costs. This however is never the same if a person needs to pay for the treatment from their own pockets. This is simple human nature. However there is always rationing that happens when a person is not covered by insurance. Here the individual or even the practitioners would consider whether it is useful to allow the treatment on the person and whether the outcome might be useful or not.
The first article by Newt Gingrich is one which describes the current day situation where there is a clear level of rationing. The author states a very interesting point, ‘if you are a single male with no children, the legislation still requires you to have maternity benefits and well-baby and well-child care coverage. You dont want or dont need that coverage? Sorry, you have to pay for it anyway’. This is the current situation among all Americans and the perspective of the citizens is clear from the title of the article: ‘Healthcare rationing: Real scary’ (Gingrich, 2009).
The second article by Floyd on the other hand discusses the issues faced by the government. It is clear that in the current situation the health care systems are very costly and the Americans expect to receive the best without the will to pay for it. This leads the author to set down three important questions which have been answered here in the document. The author has set down the following: ‘The current debate over healthcare rationing surrounds three key questions: (1) can medically necessary procedures be ethically denied, (2) do Americans have a right to unlimited access to healthcare regardless of the costs, and (3) what is the limit on the availability of healthcare resources for those with the ability to pay’ (Floyd, 2003).
The third article by Bocheck brings out another essential topic of interest, i.e. the problem that is faced by almost all healthcare systems, the lack of funding and the treatment possibilities. The author has brought out how Rationing will prove to be very helpful for the industry and will lead to bettered working and results (Boscheck, 2004).
Boscheck, R. (2004). Healthcare Rationing and Patient Rights. Intereconomics , 310 - 313.
Floyd, E. J. (2003). Healthcare Reforms through Rationing. Journal of Healthcare Management , 233 - 241.
Gingrich, N. (2009). Healthcare rationing: Real Scary. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif , 30. Read More
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