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I suppose it is a dignity to work in a service industry that is most demanded as well as poorly served by qualified professionals and similarly it can…
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Academic Methods
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Researching a career A piece of Career Research work about choosing Dentist Profession in UK rather than in Saudi Arabia ……………………………. College :………………………………..
Date: ……………………………………
The growing opportunities for Dental Hygienists in UK brought my attention towards selecting a professional career in Dentistry. I suppose it is a dignity to work in a service industry that is most demanded as well as poorly served by qualified professionals and similarly it can help millions maintain better dental health. This work is a ‘career research’ prepared on the basis of latest research and studies about Dentistry in UK in comparison with the same career in Saudi Arabia and it includes a brief analysis of my career planning.
Towards My Professional Career
I am interested in health service and I personally believe that I will be able to meet the requirements for the job. When I just went through few websites that provide job search and opportunities like,, and and so on, it was amazing to me that I found that a very large number of hospitals are in need of Dentists.
Entering in to the dentist career in UK will be a sign of social honor and success key to help me improve myself further yet and earn higher degrees. Bridges (2007) emphasized that a number of health associations including British Dental Association (BDA) and The British Dental Hygienists Association will strive to promote their members to maintain the honor of the dental professions, to get helps in practical learning and to provide opportunities for post qualification education (p. 31- 33).
According to the latest report of (2010), on an average, a dentist earns a six figure salary and it was found that a dentist received a salary of a 13 % increase in the salary in the last year in UK. Without any increase in the workload, a dentist earns more than £100,000 on an average ( When I thought about Saudi Arabia, most of its industries, including both manufacturing and service sectors, face difficulties and look at replacing foreign professionals. The Oxford’s Saudi Report (2008) reported that there are 2220 dental clinics in Saudi Arabia, but still, graduates are unable to find appropriate jobs. Many dental clinics are located outside the towns in Saudi Arabia and many are unwilling to enter Dental career (p. 184). As Saudi government and private hospitals are looking cheap employees from India, Pakistan and other countries, the current industry insights show that Saudi is not a better platform for a well paid, high demanded and better dignified profession like Dentistry.
A bachelor’s degree is considered to be the minimum education required to enter the profession of dentistry in UK. Sometime, a graduate school or master’s level and Ph D qualifications are required ( In UK, the on-the-training jobs are offered and this forms to be of high quality that helps increase the practical knowledge as well as work related experiences.
Doing a job, especially in UK, bring further opportunities like travelling fellowships, honor certificates and higher level promotions that cannot be expected to be constant in Saudi Arabia. Once we become to be qualified in UK, that is a honor that we automatically get accepted in all over the world. Higgins (2002) stated that UK dental qualifications are accepted in many countries and travelling fellowships and government posts may provide overseas opportunities (p. 28). These are the factors that brought me to prefer a demanded career in Dentistry in UK.
This is a short ‘career research’ work prepared with a brief analysis and overview of the career that I propose to enter in my future. This work presents latest reports about the profession, its demand, the factors that influence me to select the profession and the current trend with a comparison between UK and Saudi Arabia.
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