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Critical Teaching and the tutorial for final year dental students in the Acute Dental Care Department at Guy's Hospital - Dissertation Example

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Clinical teaching and the “tutorial” for final year dental students in the Acute Dental Care Department at Guy's Hospital. Background My academic journey started in the French Lycee in London where I went to study Dentistry qualifying in 2002 before entering a Masters Degree program in Cancer Research via a short stint at Medical school…
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Critical Teaching and the tutorial for final year dental students in the Acute Dental Care Department at Guys Hospital
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"Critical Teaching and the tutorial for final year dental students in the Acute Dental Care Department at Guy's Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages This teaching experience was however only a part-time position. Nevertheless, I have carried out small-group sessions with students. I have worked my way up to senior clinical teacher and have also given lectures and seminars, some in specialised areas of dentistry. My experience as a clinical teacher has helped me gain experience in making PowerPoint presentations, making lesson plans, and making tests; more importantly, I also found out how different personalities learn and teach differently. Current responsibilities As a clinical teacher, my duties mostly relate to watching, monitoring and aiding the student/patient relationship. In other words, my responsibilities have mostly revolved around teaching and researching. I have been involved in the establishment and development of information for the lessons and lectures, and for the development of courses. During my first few years in teaching, I mostly handled small groups of students, no more than 12 taking part in sharing data about emergency dentistry. In the years that followed, I was assigned to assist in giving lectures and tutorials. I have also been involved in evaluating students for their examinations and projects, mostly those in the undergraduate program. In general, my current tasks relate to looking after the student/ patient relationship by ensuring students carry out the correct clinical treatment in the correct order. I am in charge of the students learning and the patient’s safety. An hour tutorial is held at the end of each session on clinic to consolidate the days teaching into formal teaching. Personal values and hopes My desire to consider and engage in the teaching and academic profession has been based on my personal experiences with teachers and academics. These teachers and professionals have exemplified superlative knowledge and skills in the transmission and the gathering of information, sharing such data for the next generation of eager learners. I value my role as a clinical teacher and believe that this can influence how a student works and feels about the profession. I have a desire to impart knowledge that was passed onto me as a way of thanking the excellent teachers I had. I also seek to assist the students in the establishment of their careers as well as their personal development. I hope to support and guarantee the protection of crucial and significant values, especially those which relate to my responsibilities as a clinical teacher. This also relates to a strong need to secure a sense of respect and responsibility for students, patients, fellow teachers, as well as for the teaching profession. An awareness of the diversity of the academic field is also an important element which I have recognized in the teaching profession. Moreover, I have realised the importance of establishing learning communities and groups where the teaching goals and practices can be adequately implemented and incorporated. Aspects relating to personal development: I have already established that the clinical teaching can help in the improvement of my knowledge and the refining of my academic learning. I also believe that guiding students in their learning is one of the most efficient ways to improve research and to impart knowledg ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Teaching and the Tutorial for Final Year Dental Students in Dissertation.
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