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An Evaluation of Two RAD University Tutorials - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses an evaluation of two RAD university tutorials. The online course further teaches and demonstrates examples of ATM network devices such as the workstations, routers and LAN switches. It analyses an evaluation of MPLS and network convergence tutorial…
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Download file to see previous pages The tutorial on MPLS and Network Convergence is about the concepts and applications of network components such as the routers and switches that implement the protocols which play critical roles in supporting higher volumes of internet data in a faster way (MPLS, 2009). It initially provides all the information required to understand networking concepts such as traditional routing and packet switching, label switching, the IP over ATM model, and then the basics of multilayer switching and the multilayer switching solutions. All of these are written in text, explaining in details how each component is necessary to carry out networking of bulk of data using the evolving models until the multilayer switching. The concepts of difficulties encountered before MPLS was employed are also discussed, together with the complexities of the executed initial solutions. It mentions that the emergence of multilayer switching solutions and MPLS is part of the evolution of the Internet to decrease complexity by combining Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing into a fully integrated solution (MPLS, 2009). The tutorial is very comprehensive in explaining what is required to be understood in terms of the MPLS technology. This time, the developers created a simple version of it through a flash slide presentation that includes visual media composed of pictures and symbols that convey the complex systems in the most simplistic way. This is more effective in delivering the networking capabilities of MPLS. The tutorial further discusses the types of a problem this the technology solves and other opportunities for its use. The tutorial can be very much appreciated by a network technician or an individual who has practical applications on network technologies. I believe the ideas are more easily understood once you are involved in a networking environment. The diagrams created by the developers to illustrate their point regarding the use of IP over ATM Model and the problems when it is adopted are very useful for the reader to comprehend the networking systems in this manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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