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On the one hand she is not able to take fullest control of her alcohol misuse, and on the other hand she is forced to lead a lonely life away from her kids and other family. Till now she was being taken care of by the team of…
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Download file to see previous pages For this purpose the steps will be as follows;
Step-1: Some of the erstwhile support staff will accompany Bridget to her new home and if possible try spending couple of hours or a day together with her in her new home. This will not only make her comfortable in the new environment, but will also assure her about the availability of easy help when she requires it in future.
Step-2: While revisiting Bridget on the third day, an effort would be made to take note of her experience in the new surroundings, some of the problems that she faced or what made her happy in the new environment. It is worthwhile here to mention that these elaborations must be elicited from her in an informal manner, without letting her be conscious about the feedback.
The support plan in this case must take into account the history of Bridget, her preferences etc. Bridget has suffered quite a lot in the past and she has many more years ahead for her. Therefore, the support plan must take a long term perspective of the issues with her. While reservations have been expressed about her coming to terms with the alcoholic abuse problem, the fact that she is being allowed to move back to her flat is an indication enough of her becoming a reformed citizen. Key aspects for her support plan are;
Often people make use of alcoholic to get rid of tension, isolation and depressing tendencies. A schedule of activities like routine exercises, visit to market, phone call to the social worker, visit to the hostel etc. must be planned out for Bridget. This will keep her busy enough to take recourse to liquor. Purpose of such a schedule is to make sure that Bridget doesn’t come across circumstances like mood swings, involving periods of excessive euphoria or bouts of intense depression.
Efforts must also be planned out to locate the whereabouts of her two kids, so that she gets to lead a normal life in times to come. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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