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Computer, Programming,signal Processing - Essay Example

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This is a process of measuring variations in potential reflections during the electrical activity of human brain. In another words this is an advanced technique to localize electrical sources in the human brain. Nowadays EEG has been…
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Computer, Programming,signal Processing
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Download file to see previous pages It is found that various current sources in the human brain are capable to respond against similar EEG. The forward problem and the inverse problem can be diagrammatically represented with the help of source model having current dipole capable to develop neural currents which are always found localized in small regions.
The electroencephalogram system consists of some connecting devices which are meant to connect with both the scalp of the individual and personal computer. The process taking place in the brain is reflected over the surface of the scalp. This is the reason why electrodes and connections are provided on the scalp. Then electrode paste is applied on the scalp and after that electrodes are placed on them. The scalp provides information to the small box attached to the computer system and the whole device after processing the information sent back to the user. Numerous neurological wave patterns can be collected with the help of this EEG system. These electrical wave patterns developing inside the brain are reflected at the scalp region. These reflections are passed in to the storage unit of the computer and the electrodes kept on the scalp region send signals of voltage variations to the amplifier. The success of this technology mainly depends on the positioning and developing contact with the electrodes. Due to this reason electrodes of highly conductive materials like gold or silver chloride are normally employed. Actually the discovery of electrical wave pattern from the brain has taken place only hundred years back and this led to the application process of Brain computer Interface.
EEG is a special type of communication media between men and machines which is performed by employing the influence of electronic signals on current sources in human brain. The system of communication by means of electronic signals is termed as Brain Computer Interface. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer, Programming,signal Processing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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