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Even though one cannot claim that the minorities enjoy complete equality in these areas it is certain that the US is making slow but steady…
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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Racial disparity in sentencing has become a problematic issue. There are many people who believe that this disparity does not exist. But there is substantial proof to prove that it does exist. According to Marc Mauer, there has been an "unprecedented rise in the prison population over the past three decades a six fold increase, leading to the incarceration of nearly two million Americans” and that “One of every eight black males in the 25-34 age groups is locked up on any given day and 32% of black males born today can expect to spend time in a state or federal prisons if the current trends continue." (Mauer 2004) Racial disparity in sentencing in courtrooms today is a very real issue and needs be addressed with measures that will fundamentally change the judicial system and the structure of sentencing in such a way that racial disparity in sentencing can be eliminated.
According to The Sentencing Project (2000) “Racial disparity in the criminal justice system exists when “the proportion of a racial/ethnic group within the control of the system is greater than the proportion of such groups in the general population” and that “Illegitimate or unwarranted racial disparity results from the dissimilar treatment by the criminal justice system of similarly situated people based on race. In some instances this may involve overt racial bias, while in others it may reflect the influence of factors that are only indirectly associated with race. ” (The Sentencing Project, 2000, p. 2)
The general consensus is that disparity is seen in all stages of the judicial process. This includes biases in policing, prosecution and sentencing. Studies have shown that racial disparity is a growing problem. especially so in cases of arrests or sentencing in connection with drugs .The minorities that includes African Americans , Native Americans and Hispanics, when they are arrested or sentenced for a drug crime have far more to fear from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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