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The Reward strategy - Essay Example

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The case study dwells upon the reward strategy of Classic Travel. The development of a talented pool of personnel and the retention of those personnel is now becoming one of the primary focuses of the HR department in any sound business. Classic Travel need to put systems into place that attract, retain, and develop talent. …
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The Reward strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The case study "The Reward strategy" discusses the development of a talented pool of personnel and the retention of those personnel is now becoming one of the primary focuses of the HR department in any sound business. Classic Travel need to put systems into place that attract, retain, and develop talent. The case study highlights that these systems also have the double-duty of keeping the job itself interesting and exciting for the staff. Programs such as those that rotate employees between different kinds of units within the organisation, that encourage directed learning as well as promoting interagency communication across the entire company are becoming an integral part to any business unit. Furthermore, the HR department must develop a system of recognition and reward for the staff in regards to their contributions to the agency.
Furthermore, on a practical level Classic Travel, nor any company, can give out reward without some return on that investment. They would need to examine the overall cost of the reward system as compared to the overall benefits not only to the employee but to the company as well. Being a travel agency which provides exclusive city breaks and short holidays to all major European countries. The case study emphasizes that Classic Travel may be able to combine work and reward in one package. For instance a yearly training session could be held in Morocco, or some other vacation site where a three day training could also provide some much needed fun and even team building experiences. The company could pay travel training expenses and even base accommodations on a reward basis. Those staff with more customers or bigger increases in their overall business may get a private suite, and so on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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