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Terrorist Event Response Paper - Essay Example

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The case scenario stipulates that I live in a country with a small population and a small tax base where I am in the position of a part-time emergency management director. The essay would describe how limited resources would be leveraged to respond to a terrorist event.
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Terrorist Event Response Paper
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Download file to see previous pages ving in to the terrorists’ demands as part of their counterterrorism strategies, the terrorists become more innovative in devising changes in the nature of their terrorist threats.
The effects of terrorist activities on the economy of a country besieged by violent attacks could not be ignored. These activities hamper investment opportunities and erode public and investor confidence. In addition, terrorist activities limit economic growth because more government funds are being allocated for security and defense.
In this regard, as the part-time emergency management director of a small country with a small population and a small tax base, I am tasked with the responsibility of describing how limited resources would be leveraged to respond to a terrorist event.
Due to the methods, weapons used, impact and threats that terrorist activities create in peoples’ lives; various organizations must be prepared to respond in cases of terrorist attacks. Terrorists have shifted their focus to utilizing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which poses more danger to human lives, properties and environmental safety. Further, with the advancement in technology, terrorists utilize the World Wide Web as a means to proliferate their agenda. In this regard, the response procedure that must be applied and divulged through all local units of the government is that of a tiered response which “emphasizes that response to incidents should be handled at the lowest jurisdictional level capable of handling the work. The vast majority of incidents are, in fact, managed locally.”( USDNS, 2008, 27) This means each and every member of the local government unit, private sector representatives, emergency responders, and the community, in general, must participate in awareness and in building response capabilities.
As emphasized in the US Department of National Security (USDNS), the National Response Framework (2008, 27) the “three phases of effective response: prepare, respond, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Terrorist Event Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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