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Nutritional Assessment - Assignment Example

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The collection of anthropometric measurements in studies of nutritional status is an extremely important and necessary skill; as such measurements are used to see to it that an effective nutritional assessment is done on the one being observed. These sorts of measurements enable…
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Nutritional Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages a measurement is important is that for one, we can track the growth of infants and children by measuring their weight to length, the circumference of their heads, and the length, height, and weight. In the case of infants and toddlers, length is used because they are not able to stand properly or at all. Nutritional assessments are measured on adults by using the body mass index, measuring their percentage of body fat, and measuring their hip to waist ratio. This type of measurement is useful in enabling us to determine whether or not patients are at risks for certain diseases (Advameg, Inc., 2010).
An example of an anthropometric measurement study is a study done by Raja Chakraborty and Kausik Bose to determine the nutritional status of men of the Gumla District, where the tribal populations are very undernourished (Chakraborty, Bose, 2008). The object of this study was to determine the similarities in the effects that undernourishment has on health as well as the reason for its occurrence. In order for an intervention or a cure, anthropometric measurements must be taken as this gives an indication of the extent of the effects that certain types of nutrition have on our bodies as well as helps the observer to best determine what source of action would be best suited to the patient. This is the reason that observers must be trained to collect anthropometric measurements in studies of nutritional status.
In order for us to properly assess a child and whether or not he has a Vitamin A deficiency, it is important that we know the signs. Knowing the signs will not only enable us to detect the Vitamin A deficiency itself, we will also be able to determine the source of the deficiency, such as liver disorder/disease or malabsorbtion syndrome. The most common signs and symptoms of a child suffering from a Vitamin A deficiency is night blindness which can later progress to permanent blindness as a result of retinal injury. Assessing the extent of the clinical signs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nutritional Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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