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What are the driving forces of globalization and what effects does globalization have on the policy-making capabilities of states - Essay Example

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Towards the beginning of 21st century, the world began to change drastically from individualistic approaches of ruling the world (monarchy) to the rising need of networking and mutual cooperation (nation states). Globalization is the recent phenomenon and like other notions of…
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What are the driving forces of globalization and what effects does globalization have on the policy-making capabilities of states
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Download file to see previous pages 256-260), “globalization integrates many countries together.” It is an observation that after globalization, developed and developing countries have got an opportunity to interconnect themselves together (Frieden, pp. 256-260).
Since the time when people began to travel and explore the world outside their limited boundaries, an era of development commenced. This development was in the form of advancements in the trade patterns and scientific discoveries (Boutaleb, p.1). However, now the notion of development has acquired a very different and diverse context. It now includes learning from diverse group of people, intermingling of cultures, and working for mutual success. Thus, “Globalization is the phenomenon, which can be stated as intermingling of nations and people culturally, and economically” (Smith, p.1).
Transportation and media has shortened the distances between two nations, as well as the people. In today’s era of globalization, one can acquire information about anything, and can move from one continent to another in a matter of time, which otherwise would require years of constant traveling. Moreover, on one hand, people had to perform their work with their hands and had to rely on primitive methods of earning and livelihood in previous years; however, in the recent years, globalization has given access to a bountiful of virtual, natural, and artificial resources that offer their utilization to change the lifestyles completely. It means that people can learn from others experiences and build further on rather than learning by experiencing it themselves and starting any work from scratch.
People are social animals, created by God to develop and learn with mutual interaction and contact with the natural surrounding. An individual living on a deserted island cannot rely totally on his own skill as a survivor, no matter how courageous and introvert he is. He needs certain assistance and other human beings to talk, learn, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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