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Critically assess the foreign policy of Barack Obama - Essay Example

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With the countless decisions to be made by the President, the composition of their national security, or foreign policy team, would be one of the most essential. A team, comprised of individuals with differing skill sets but adhering to a central goal, that would seek to guide…
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Critically assess the foreign policy of Barack Obama
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Download file to see previous pages For those who serve the President, in this case Barack Obama, they would claim first and foremost, that they serve at the pleasure of the President. They are loyal workers within a national structure, that
In the months leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, mass examples would exist as it came to general concern over the present state of affairs within the military action taking place, as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The current President, in an effort to champion change in terms of what had become the norm, would make assertions that, for many, would appear to be significant and in that case, would lead the nation in a direction that would have been different from the most recent office holder and most likely, different from the choices made of other previous Presidents themselves.
In considering whether or not these individuals, both men and women, would be seen more as self-serving and/or working for the same result, the answer(s) to that, would fall within being in the eye of beholder. An individual(s) can very easily possess intentions that may overtly seem self-serving but on the inside, may have been executed with what the person(s), may have felt were the most sincere of motives. For the President of the United States, one of the placements made to his national security team, would be the very person who sought to defeat him during the previous Presidential election.
An individual of considerable political strength, Hillary Clintons placement amongst the foreign policy fray of the Obama Administration, would seem to some, as being a way to ensure that, by the time 2012 came and the President would surely seek re-election, Secretary Clinton would be in
the position of being unable to attempt a second Presidential bid. This can be stated by the very thought, amongst many within the political structure, that an individual would not partake in a campaign for elected office that would place them in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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