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Having someone to represent you means not acting for yourself. How, then, does representative democracy facilitate the participation of the people - Essay Example

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As nations, cities or countries comprises of people, the natural resources and the physical boundary on which people are earning their livelihoods; it is very essential…
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Having someone to represent you means not acting for yourself. How, then, does representative democracy facilitate the participation of the people
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Extract of sample "Having someone to represent you means not acting for yourself. How, then, does representative democracy facilitate the participation of the people"

Download file to see previous pages However, various countries have various forms of governments. Many have democratic systems, while others are having kingships.
Democracy allows the people of the nation to choose their representative, which they think can fully put forward their views and concern at a first place. A proper election system is established in those countries and people are allowed to cast their vote against shortlisted candidates. The candidates achieving majority of the vote declares victory and has then the authority to have the command over the country ship from then on (Shughart, pp.157-159. 2003).
The elected one is assumed the spokesperson and the way-looker for the nation and has to fulfill certain responsibilities. Having a person or a representative group of people working for some larger number of people is required because it helps to maintain the status quo at a first place which otherwise would result in a chaos, and on the other hand it is needed to unite the scattered and diverse group of people under one roof.
Moreover, various institutions, apart from residents, also work under the core circle of a nation set of hierarchy. These institutions may include Hospitals, Security Departments, commercial houses, and educational institutions, which also have their demands and requisitions over the governing bodies. Smooth operations within institutions need a structural framework that is followed by both, people working in the organization as well as the people getting advantage from them (for example, clients or customers). Such operations are always headed by a single governing body, which is formed by professionals from integrated departments and working under mutual consent to carry forward all the needed tasks. Similar is the case with a whole country. Taking country as a bigger institution, aimed at giving its people a contributive environment for living also needs a representative body. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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