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'Euthanasia is a compassionate response to the suffering of life'. Discuss the statement - Essay Example

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Across the globe doctors, legal authorities, religious leaders, relatives of patients in critical conditions and patients battling for life themselves are concerned about the issue about euthanasia. Whether or not euthanasia can ever be justified as a compassionate response…
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Euthanasia is a compassionate response to the suffering of life. Discuss the statement
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Extract of sample "'Euthanasia is a compassionate response to the suffering of life'. Discuss the statement"

Download file to see previous pages Many individuals believe that life is a very sacred and gifted thing and by taking it away it can be tagged as murder, other people, however have different views. They believe that a person’s life is his own and he/she has the right to do whatever he/she wants with their life, even if it calls for termination (Michael Manning, 1998, pg 45-56).
Different individuals have varied opinions about euthanasia which is why there is no definite answer to whether or not euthanasia can be justified as a compassionate response to the suffering of life. On one hand, a person who is on a life supporting device for the past week and has shown no signs of recovery will eventually die so one might as well spare him the misery of the pain, suffering and torture that is accompanied by a life supporting device. Conversely, there have been many incidences where patients have come around and successfully fought the battle for life. Thus, miracles do happen, although rarely but terminating a person’s life without giving him a chance to fight is also considered by many as ‘murder’. The time frame involved is also important to be considered. What are the chances of survival for an aged person who has been in surviving artificially for the past four years as compared to a young girl who went on a machine a day before? Therefore, many aspects, perspectives and differences in opinion must be catered to before a final decision regarding pulling the plug is taken.
The name Teri Schiavo should ring a bell in every person’s mind. It has been the most renowned cases in the history of America regarding euthanasia. Teri, at the age of 26 was diagnosed with a neurological condition called PVS also known as the persistent vegetative state according to which she was practically brain dead. Teri’s parents fought against her husband and were adamant to let her live on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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'Euthanasia Is a Compassionate Response to the Suffering of life' Essay.
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