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TURING MACHINE - Essay Example

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In addition, it is helpful in thinking regarding the limits and nature of computation and computability for the reason that its technique of computation is extremely simple as someone…
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Download file to see previous pages... In spite of its minimalism, a Turing machine could be modified to reproduce the logic of some computer algorithm, as well as this machine is mainly useful in illuminating the operations of a CPU within of a computer (Suber, 2002). This paper will present deep analysis of the different functionalities, operations, and uses of Turing machine.
According to Weisstein (2009) the concept of the Turing machine was initially presented by Alan Turing in 1937. He also invented the initial Turing machine that was presented like an idealized model intended for mathematical computation. A Turing machine composed of a line of cells acknowledged as a "tape" that can be moved back as well as forth. In a Turing machine there is an active component "head" that has a feature acknowledged as "state" that is capable to transform the attribute recognized as "color" of the active cell below it, and also a set of commands for how the head needs to be adjusted by the active cell as well as shift the tape. In addition, the machine can transform the color of the Turing machine active cell at any step. Also, it can transform the position of the head, and moving the tape one step towards right or left (Weisstein, Turing Machine, 2009; Sipser, 2005).
Copeland (2000), discusses about Universal Turing Machine (UTM), which is a Turing machine that is capable to replicate other Turing machine. An additional mathematically-oriented description by a related "universal" nature was presented by Alonzo Church, whose effort on lambda calculus linked with Turing in a prescribed hypothesis of computation identified as the Church–Turing theory. The theory presents that a Turing machines certainly holds the informal view of useful technique in mathematics as well as in logic, and also offers an accurate explanation of a mechanical procedure or algorithm (Copeland, 2000).
According to Aanderaa (2006), a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In this test, if after a series of questions and answers, the human interrogator could not tell, on the basis of the respondents’ answers, which is the human and which is the machine, then the machine is said to have passed the test, and consequently is considered to be intelligent.
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According to the essay, Turing described the test as follows. There are three components to it: a person, a machine and an interrogator. The interrogator is in a separate room from the machine and the computer. The interrogator is allowed to communicate with both the machine and computer and puts up questions to them.

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