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The effects are further proliferated if the nation is a developing one, due to the absence of abundant funds to tackle the crisis. It is because of the resource crunch that many developmental…
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Download file to see previous pages pt to redeem the government from a similar situation, where discussions are on to inject the money previously meant for a promotion in the number of secondary enrolments in the nation, in the financial sector of the economy which is going through a difficult phase right now. The target of the administration is to enhance the GDP situation in the nation that will serve as a gateway towards a stable growth path in future. This study is an effort to disentangle the tight spot, with the help of empirical analyses, availing various statistical tools.
The Finance Ministry of the nation had already decided upon the implementation of policy measures to improvise the country’s rate of enrolment in secondary education, as the desired channel of fund inflow. However, the financial shock that overwhelmed the economy meanwhile, and led to imperative demands for financial support from banks around the country, has compelled it to reconsider the outcome of its previous meeting. The deadlock that the nation is facing at present could be logically solved by means of statistical analysis. The idea is to carry on a comparative analysis through estimating a regression equation, with a function of change in GDP as the dependent variable and the changes in both the levels of secondary school enrolments and infusion of credit to the banking sector, as the independent ones along with a number of other variables, expected to produce significant impact on the dependent variable. To be precise, the model being designed for estimation is,
The question that might arise at this point is that, what should be the basis of deductions regarding the validity of the above model as well as for the reliability of the estimated coefficients. The subsequent sections will hopefully help the reader to reach a suitable answer to any such queries.
The research aims to completely explore the average outcome of similar situations faced by other developing nations of the world and that is why will use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Abdull Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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