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Accounting project - Essay Example

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Lime Dry Cleaners and Laundry Service is being formulated to offer the consumer an exemplary level of service, whilst addressing the strains of modern life and work life balance with an underpinning focus on the environment. The decision to pursue ethical/green dry cleaning is…
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Accounting project
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Download file to see previous pages considerably ‘greener’ alternative in the form of a hydrocarbon solvent, with a view that we can emulate the success that firms in the several states of United States and Europe have had by following a strategy from an ethical standpoint. Hydrocarbon alternatives have 90% fewer emissions into the environment, greater efficiency, and thus positive benefits for employees, and consumers alike. The company and its service has several uniqueness’s, these are as discussed below:
The company will be started off in three different locations. The organisational structure and the decision making of the company will be centralised, i.e. all the decision making for major issues will be handled by the head office and chair person. The company will be set up in three different locations of which the head quarters will be in Abu Dhabi. The other two locations include Mumbai (India) and Cardiff (UK). All major decisions will be made by the chairman. The Abu Dhabi branch being the head quarters will include the main heads of operations, finance, HR, and marketing, will be responsible to handle the entire process across the three locations. The organisational structure of the company will be as illustrated below:
a) Finance and HR Head: The finance and HR head will be located in Abu Dhabi and the accountants of the other two locations will be answerable here. All recruitments and weekly accounts need to be sent to the Head quarters and to be checked by the Finance head to ensure all the finances are in order. The finance head will also be responsible to manage the daily finances of the Abu Dhabi branch.
b) Operations Head: The operations head will be located in Abu Dhabi and will be responsible to manage the customers as well as the operations staff including the drivers and the assistant. The operations head will also be responsible to mange the staff of the other two locations as well and will need to get daily reports for the activities from time the employees clocked ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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