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How well do credit markets function in developing countries Discuss with reference to relevant theory and evidence - Essay Example

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In this case the main point is that the interest rate differentials are not reflective of the differences in the risks. They erode as time passes by. Moreover, if the levels of interest…
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How well do credit markets function in developing countries Discuss with reference to relevant theory and evidence
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Download file to see previous pages This persistency has not been justified by the lender’s hypothesis. The term used is the widespread rationing which refers to the fact that the investors and the creditors are not loaned in the ratios in which the loans are required. The formal credit has a link with the person’s wealth. The formal as well as the informal providers of the credit are inclusive of the local money lenders, landlords, the shopkeepers, relatives as well as the friends (Karlan 4).
In the case of the informal credit markets, the borrowers have access to only a small number of credit markets as well as the finance institutions and money lenders. There are many arguments given, including the collateral being offered for the aim of securing the loans and it may be considered to be of higher values for the money lenders. Thereby, the lenders may be attempting to make the loans with the aim of acquisition of the assets that are often given as collateral (Townsend 67). These goals are achieved by setting the interest rates higher, thus leaving the borrower with lesser options but to be the defaulter. These reasons mark the inequalities in the land rates as well as the bonded labour as this has been especially noticed in the poorer countries and these regions have been known for uncertainties (Morduch 180).
Microfinance, specially the ones used in the loans to be given out to the micro creditors, has been considered as collateral as well as costly and labour intensive. If the banks start to take interests on the microfinance, that is able to generate to the profits. The main need of the banks shall be the greater number of the micro creditors (Ray 23). The credit shall be given to these micro creditors according to the finances that are needed by them. The interest rates in the developed countries are higher as compared to the countries that are less rich. On an average, the banks have 900,000 clients for the micro credits ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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