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Describing Your Development of a Competency Model (Business Mangement) - Essay Example

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Such individuals possess different “competencies” that make them superior in a workplace. A competency is a personal characteristic that results in such a…
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Describing Your Development of a Competency Model (Business Mangement)
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Criterion Sample: Choosing a sample of Human Resource Managers for the purpose of collecting data. These managers should be amongst the superior employees from whom points could be taken related to the sort of behaviour and skills as well as character that leads to the success of one’s jobs and company as well.
3. Gathering Data and analyzing it: Collecting information about the conduct that would lead to a success in Human Resource related jobs with the help of which propositions could be made as to what are the abilities of exceptional Human Resource Managers and how these exceptional skills, when combined together, produce the preferred outcomes.
4. Substantiation: Confirming and validating the results of data gathering and analysis. Validation should be done upon the data to check the authenticity of the cause-and-effect relationships. Pilot testing of the results should be done before applying it on the whole organization.
Through this study, it was found that the most difficult aspect of this model would be the lack of resources at the time of implementation, disregard of stakeholders and lack of support from the top management (LaRocca, n.d.). Also, it was found that there are a couple of barriers which would result in the failure of a competency model. Projects are nearly always successful if they are done in a proper manner, step by step, especially when all the modules of the project are integrated together. Doing a project at once results in missing out on important but small things. This would eventually result in unidentified factors during implementation. The implementation of initial stages may workout smoothly, but there would be many unanswered questions at the later and imperative stages resulting in an overall delay in the implementation of the model, over-budgeting and wastage of resources and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describing Your Development of a Competency Model (Business Mangement) Essay.
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