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Even though I am from Miami, I was interested in Warhol because he first became a famous artist and film-maker with his Factory in New York, because the…
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APPLICATION If I had the opportunity to spend one day in New York with a famous New Yorker, I would choose Andy Warhol. Even though I am from Miami, I was interested in Warhol because he first became a famous artist and film-maker with his Factory in New York, because the environment is very important to me, and Warhol revolutionized how art and celebrity are thought of together, along with pop culture. There have also been criticisms, as regarding how perhaps some of his works were simply superficial. But like many people, I see Warhol as somewhat of a crusader who was trying to keep a balance between pop cultural, artistic, and national responsibilities, and had been praised because he was very open and honest about power, fame, celebrity, and the reasons he held certain artists in very high esteem. I would spend the day walking around in the Factory with Warhol, looking at how he worked with his staff and interacted with people, and I would also witness some of his screen tests and silk screening processes. However, now, Warhol is dead. As someone who is interesting in writing, I think that this would make a good news story, if I were able to travel back in time and visit Andy Warhol in his Factory in New York City.
Caught between two worlds
A branch swaying in strong winds
A thunderstorm brews
Name of movie: A World Apart
Story line: In “A World Apart,” famous actress Kit Gaieno plays a young writer and painter who is struggling with her identity. In an older role, Gaieno plays the artist as a young adult, traveling around the world and gathering experiences to write about, and meeting new friends. Finally, in the last part of the movie, Gaieno dons special effects makeup to play the older artist, who is finally just starting to become popular enough to earn a living doing what she loves. Throughout the movie, the artist’s interpersonal relationships are also shown.
I was led to NYU from Miami beach, a Cuban American born in the USA. I have a thirst for knowledge and, I have been told, skills at writing and painting. I see change as being a major part of my life, and acceptance of change is something that is very important to me. I want to come to New York to change, be challenged, and grow. A lot of people like to ask themselves what they can do, as one person, to change any situation. The answer is that they can do everything that they can and accept the challenge of being an agent of change following their heart, for the continuing pursuit of their dreams. In terms of the growth and change I have experienced, I learned in the program of study in high school, at work, and elsewhere that being a successful writer requires a great deal of determination; leaders in the field must ensure the success of their projects in every way possible by being effective people who can make definitive, goal-oriented decisions based on skills and experience. I also learned that these decisions are based on a foundation of teamwork, leadership, and communication that is vital to success. I believe that my many experiences as a leader, agent of change, and an articulate and independent planner, have helped to ensure my future success in the field. Read More
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NYU Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“NYU Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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