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Brand and its audience and the proposal and justification of a set of marketing communications to enhance the brands equity with its target publics - Essay Example

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Aside from lording over the local market in Singapore, Tiger Beer has also earned a reputation in the United Kingdom market, attracting many choosy drinkers in the country. Its target market in the United Kingdom is the youth ages 20 to 31-year olds (Tai, 2008).
The market…
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Brand and its audience and the proposal and justification of a set of marketing communications to enhance the brands equity with its target publics
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Extract of sample "Brand and its audience and the proposal and justification of a set of marketing communications to enhance the brands equity with its target publics"

Download file to see previous pages Tiger Beers global flavor pleases their palate. Majority of the Tiger Beer market is composed of the younger age brackets representing a potential increase in demand in the future. This market segment holds 35 percent of the UK population (National Statistics, 2009).
The taste preference of UK people is also a consideration for Tiger Beer. The crisp, sweet beer offered is especially catered to the UK taste. More choices in terms of flavor offerings is now the name of the game with UK taste buds becoming harder to please and more fickle.
The bulk of customers who purchase Tiger Beer, come from the class C socio-economic level, who are composed of lower C or middle income earners. Even in bars that are in high-end market locations, the bulk of customers drinking Tiger Beer are people of average income who are looking for a different taste away from the usual Carlsberg or Heineken. Employees and blue collar workers treat themselves to Tiger Beer because of its relatively affordable price, distinct taste, and colourful design. Furthermore, UK people love to drink and since are they are naturally collectivistic and fond of group gatherings, beer is their means of getting together to talk and mingle with others. In fact, beer has been one of the bases of the UK men’s social life (Tai, 2008).
Brand Positioning can be defined as the particular position in which the brand defines itself as capturing in the competitive field (Kotler, 2004). Positioning refers to differentiating brand attributes, consumer benefits and target segments, individually or collectively. With regard to Tiger beer, the beer market that Tiger beer is positioned towards can be defined by its appeal to a specific market segment, its unique taste and lower price.
Tiger Beer has been very profitable in the UK, because the brand has employed the British appeal for the exciting and unusual to its advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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