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IS Project Management 2007/08 - Essay Example

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Project management entails the management of resources, organisation and planning of stipulated goals and objectives deemed to ensure successful implementation of a proposed project into the culture and structure of an organisation. Projects are usually formulated to enable…
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IS Project Management 2007/08
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Download file to see previous pages as they require use of separate management and adoption of technical skills to attain all the project goals and objectives by successfully overcoming any constraints that may avail themselves. For instance, the constraints can be curbed by appropriately allocating the available resources, rightfully optimising the use of those resources, maintaining the described scope under the proposed budget and time frame (Ireland 110).
Project management was introduced by Henry Gantt who developed the Gantt chart to be used as a project management tool in the 1950’s. Henri Fayol formulated the five functions of management that are used to set a foundation for project management. This was followed by introduction of two project management mathematical approaches; the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) (Cleland and Gareis 1-4).
Project management comprises of about four to five stages. The first stage is the initiation which defines the scope and nature of the project. The planning of this stage depends on the requirements of the organisation, nature of the current operations, design of the operations and the available resources. The second stage entails planning and design of the project operations. It comprises of development of a small prototype that should be tested before implementation of the proposed project into the structure and culture of the organisation. The fourth stage is the execution which describes the processes that will be implemented to enable accomplishment of the project goals and objectives for instance coordination of resources and people. The final stage is usually the closing of the project which signifies its acceptance (Harrison and Lock 34).
This report will therefore elaborate on the various steps undertaken to project manage the Alliance prototype project of Alliance Associated limited which aims at making the company acquire market control in the global business environment. Globalisation has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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