Compare the psychological internalization of character in Aeschylus Shakespeare, and Austen - Essay Example

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They observed the world around them with a microscopic view and understood the human nature more ardently. Thus they presented the most overlooked…
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Compare the psychological internalization of character in Aeschylus Shakespeare, and Austen
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Extract of sample "Compare the psychological internalization of character in Aeschylus Shakespeare, and Austen"

The psychological internalization of character In the previous decade this world has given us extremely remarkable masterpieces of English literature created by brilliant writers. They observed the world around them with a microscopic view and understood the human nature more ardently. Thus they presented the most overlooked parts of life, the real life, in a way that whoever read their book, felt as if they are the characters in their story.
Talking about the masterpieces of literature, the first name that comes to mind is William Shakespeare; his extremely different style of writing made him stand out of all the other writers. He was a poet, a playwright and also a scriptwriter. He is also known as the England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”.
Further on discussing some other unusual masterpieces we have authors like Jane Austen. She was an English novelist, famous for her free indirect speech and biting social commentary and realism.
Moving on, around the world we have another famous world of literature, the Greek history. No doubt the ancient Greek civilization has been one of the most fascinating and wonderful of all the civilizations. And for this, we must be thankful to the ancient Greek writers. One of the most renowned Greek legends is Aeschylus. He was a Greek playwright and is called the father of tragedy.
Hamlet by Shakespeare
It is the archetypal saga of the youthful prince of Denmark and his quest to retaliate the murder of his father the king Hamlet.
Hamlet’s father, the king, gets murdered by his own brother. To his astonishment his mother marries his uncle, the killer of her husband and his father. Then he is followed by his father’s ghost who cries out for vengeance. However, the Prince is in a dilemma. He has to figure out how to deal with his uncle who kills his father to become the king and goes ahead within a very short period of time to marry his mother.
It is a clear indication of how people can be pretenders and harmful. At the same time it calls for a good analysis of the people around. Then there is a kingdom lynching in between, and there is no one who could be trusted. Thus all of the relations and emotions: Family, politics, blood lust, betrayal, mystery, friendship and love – each plays a role in Shakespeares great tragedy, "Hamlet".
Through Hamlet Shakespeare represents a man at his most destructive. Hamlet by far is one of Shakespeares greatest works, and is pretty much considered to be the pinnacle of Shakespeare’s literary power.
Emma by Jane Austen
The character description of Emma is a fine-looking, honored, pampered young lady who fancy’s match making for her friend, but in the end discovers that people dont fall in love as planned.
Also, Emma is considered to be Austen’s favorite character. Just like herself, Emma is a domineering, intrusive, complacent, snob of a juvenile woman who attempts to state the lives of all her peers and family members. But even with her flaws, or maybe because of them, Emma happens to be one of Austen’s most adored heroines.
Emma thus depicts Austen’s intelligence and charisma, and many critics regard as this novel to be Austen’s best.
Through Emma, Austen expresses her analyses of 19th century England’s intricate and arcane social levels and the relationship between the varying social classes very adroitly as compare to her other works. But with all of it, Emma is a cheerful “comedy of manners.”
ORESTEIA (Agamemnon, the libation bearers, the Eumenides) by Aeschylus
The Oresteia happens to be the only trilogy in Greek drama that has survived from the distant past. In this Aeschylus has taken as his subject the bloody chain of murder and vengeance within royal family of Argos. Its plot is based upon the following changing emotions and feelings that of moving from darkness to light, from rage to self-determination, from primeval ritual to civilized institution, and hence its spirit of struggle and regeneration tends to be ceaseless.
It is more regarded as the precedent of Shakespeare’s Hamlet except that it has a simpler plot. It is a story of the ruling house of Argos as an allegory for the rise of law out of barbarity. Plus, this trilogy brings up a few important questions such as the role of women and their treatments as well as the fairness of the judicial system lead by Athena.
He demonstrates the need to overcome blood feuding cycles in which everyone is to blame and everyone has cause for retribution. Although Aeschylus solution is to impose Athena as the embodiment of justice, his work is still a seminal piece of the formation of impartial law in the Western world. The catch when it comes to todays world, of course, is that nobody is impartial - hence the utility of having a god perform the arbitral function. All the same, it is a laudable ideal. Read More
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