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People are often confused with the quality of education provided by these private and public educational institutions. Some people argue that private schools are better…
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Which is best Private or Public Schools
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Private vs. Public Schools Schools are functioning under the private and public managements at present in most of the countries. People are often confused with the quality of education provided by these private and public educational institutions. Some people argue that private schools are better compared to public schools whereas others are of the opinion that public schools are the better. A comparison of public and private school functioning would enable us in determining which the best among the two.
In order to answer the above question, private and public school performances should be compared with respect to the Facilities, Class size, Teaching, Budgets and Administration (Kennedy). Some of the above domains are similar both in private and public schools whereas some others are different.
Facilities are similar in most of the private and public schools; but are different in their source of revenues. Private schools look for endowments and tuition fees to develop facilities. Public school facilities depend on the economy of the place of operation. In rural areas the facilities may be less for both private and public schools whereas in urban areas the facilities may be better.
Private schools are better for the students as far as the class sizes are concerned. Most of the private schools have smaller class sizes compared to the public schools. Individual care is more in private schools because of the smaller class size. The teacher would be able to give more focus to the needs of the students in private schools. On the other hand, public schools have bigger class sizes and hence less individual attention is offered in such institutions.
Because of the high salaries in public schools compared to private schools, the teachers are more loyal to their profession in public schools. On the other hand, private schools are hiring professionals of higher academic qualifications which help them to provide quality education to their students. Comparing the above two facts, the general quality of education both in private and public schools are almost same.
Public school budgets depend on the economy of its place of operation whereas private schools have lot of other channels for raising funds. Heavy tuition fees is the main revenue source for the private schools whereas in public schools the tuition fees are much low. “The good news for parents is that public schools cannot charge tuition. The bad news is that public schools are complicated, often underfunded operations influenced by political winds and shortfalls” (Great schools staffs) Private schools raise funds through tuition fees, developmental activities and contributions from the alumni whereas public schools don’t have such channels of funding.
Even dull students can get admissions in public schools whereas in private schools the management reserves the right of who should be admitted. Students with learning difficulties may not be admitted in private schools whereas public schools don’t have such barriers
In short, private schools better than public schools in quality of education whereas public schools are less expensive compared to private schools. Private schools are purely working on their business interests. In order to attract more students, automatically they tempted to raise the quality of education. Private schools have lot of funding channels and they recruits only talented people as teachers in order to raise the standards of education and to compete more effectively in the market.
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Which Is Best Private or Public Schools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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