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I view it like an ultimate icon that can never be defeated. People from different countries try to imitate what Americans are showcasing from music,…
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So What Does This All Mean to me
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So What Does This All Mean To Me? of Prior to taking the I look at American popular culture as powerful enough to influence other races from all over the world. I view it like an ultimate icon that can never be defeated. People from different countries try to imitate what Americans are showcasing from music, fashion, television, and even gestures.
I am the type of person wherein I grew up with the American culture; its beliefs and its tradition. At an early age, I get to watched and saw people from different parts of the world. These people whom I saw and met or even mingled are still someone what we call “human” and I dont have any preferential stereotyping among each person Ive met. We may vary from the way we speak and our beliefs but still each of us has a unique characteristics that makes us interesting from each other. The stereotype role I play on my daily activities and decision making is the role of choosing and ending with the right decision and how this decision will entirely affect me and the people that surrounds me. I chose my current current is because this is something that will help me finish my studies and change my life in the future. My future career will be stereotyped based on what I am sowing today and I planned to be successful in different ways.
I have learned to be more decisive, picky, and use my common sense from the American popular culture. I have also learned that it is still my own decision if I will get affected by the culture presented and that all that is happening around me; absorption is based on personal assumptions. Through this, I came to the point of not being so stereotype and I should always find a reason to justify things before concluding something. I believe that I can only maintain the values I have learn by practicing it and applying it daily relative to my decisions and how I think over into something and for me; values are something that you can acquire but hard to leave out in someone is applying it all to himself. Implementation of the values learned is somewhat similar to applying it to everyday activities. What I have learned today, Ill make sure that I get to apply it and through the application I know it will help me to go to the right path in terms of getting good career and most likely into business.
Galupo, S. (2004). U.S. Pop culture seen as plague; damage, influence may be exaggerated: The Washington Times. Retrieved from pop-culture-seen.html Read More
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So What Does This All Mean to Me Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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