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The pyramid has a broad base indicating higher proportion of children, increased rate of growth of population and lower proportion of people above 60 years of age. The indication of such a pyramid is that the birth and death…
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MIH512-Demography and Health (Module 5-CBT)
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Mexico Population Pyramids Compare the population pyramids for Mexico for the current year and for 2050 by describing the following: The pyramid for the year 2009 is an expansive pyramid. The pyramid has a broad base indicating higher proportion of children, increased rate of growth of population and lower proportion of people above 60 years of age. The indication of such a pyramid is that the birth and death rates are high and life expectancy is short. It also means that the population is getting younger. The age groups with greatest populations are 5- 15 years and the age groups with smallest proportion are those beyond 60 years age groups. The projected population pyramid of Mexico for 2050 has lost its pyramid shape and appears stationary. This indicates low fertility and low mortality and is also known as constrictive pyramid. The population pyramid displays population percentage of ages 1-14 under 30 percent and ages 75 and above over 6 percent and is hence considered an "aging population"(U.S.Census Bureau, 2009).
2. What factors might account for the differences in the pyramids?
The expansive pyramid in the current year is because of increased birth rates and death rates. Mexico is a developing country and has many factors which contribute to high birth rates and death rates. However there have been improvements in food supply, sanitation and education which contribute to decreased disease states and increased life span. When death rates decline, it contributes to rise in child population. Lowering of death rates is simultaneous with lowering of infant mortality rates which contributes to increased child survival. Thus, there will also increase in the number of children, adolescents and younger adults. It has been estimated that in 2050, both birth rates and death rates will lower which will contribute to the stable pyramid shape (U.S.Census Bureau, 2009). Fall in birth rates is likely to happen because of increase in wages, contraception, urbanization, reduction in subsistence agriculture, fall in the value for child labor, improvement in women status, rise in education of women, rise in investment of parental money for the purpose of education of children and other social changes in general. Death rates are also projected to fall because of increase education, awareness, medical interventions, sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness.
3. Does the pyramid for 2050 show "zero population growth" or "negative growth?" Explain.
The pyramid for 2050 shows "zero population growth as there is no difference between birth rates and death rates. This is evident in the pyramid which is stationary, non-expanding and non-contracting.
4. Summarize each stage of the Demographic Transition. What stage do you think Mexico will be in in the year 2050? Explain.
Demographic transition may be defined as a shift of rates of birth and death from high to low. Mexico is now in the second stage of demographic transition and is almost entering the third stage. This is because, close to 50 percent of the population is 25 years of age or even younger (U.S.Census Bureau, 2009). The fall in death rates, including infant mortality rate has led to a rise in population of children, teenagers and younger adults as a result of which there is a rise in the fertile population. This will lead to increase in the number of children born which will again affect the birth rate. However, contraception and concept of lesser children per family had led to decrease in he birth rate and thus Mexico is entering the third demographic stage. Decrease in fertility rates, negative net migration rate, improvement in sanitation, lifestyle and education have contributed to the third stage of transition. The projected pyramid in 2050 is the fourth stage of transition in which both the birth rates and death rates are low. Thus, it can be said that the total population is stable and high. Such a decline causes radical transformation of age structure.
U.S.Census Bureau. International Data Base. (2009). Retrieved on 18th December, 2009 from Read More
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