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I used to think that globalization was something that good for everyone since it brought along with it a lot of opportunities as promoted by WTO. Sadly, there are many downsides when it comes to the topic of economy, especially that of poorer countries. On the downside of…
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A1. I used to think that globalization was something that good for everyone since it brought along with it a lot of opportunities as promoted by WTO.Sadly, there are many downsides when it comes to the topic of economy, especially that of poorer countries. On the downside of free trade, new businesses will have to immediately compete on the global scale. They can be successful if they have invested in the industry. Inefficient businesses need money to become efficient. Protectionism can be just an excuse to preserve inefficient companies. Agricultural investments can be damaging to a country’s economy due to natural changes and occurrences. This causes prices to fluctuate. Exports raise money for the exporting country but the amount of money the government makes is low. There are also environmental and cultural issues that cause negativity. Pollution and a loss of cultural identity impose a threat to many developing countries.
However, my very biased view was quite challenged when I read about Koffi Annan’s UN program for the 21st century. I was enlightened by the fact that globalization can be used as a tool in alleviating poverty in a poor country. The power of technology can be harnessed to improve agriculture and like the Anglo American corporation, many firms can be socially responsible to employees who are not exactly their fellow citizens. In fact, globalization can make MNE’s help a state or government to provide services indirectly to constituents.
A2. As of now, Colorado is also experiencing recession. Many firms have closed due to bankruptcy. Nevertheless, there are still measures that can be done to make globalization work for the said State. Below are my suggestions for the governor. However an in-depth study is required behind each suggestion.
A. Economic – Focus on industries that can compete globally. These industries must be innovative, dynamic and must be able to provide good manpower to other companies that need outsourcing. Industry trends must be analyzed carefully so that academe can prepare or train anticipated workforce of the future. ( long-term priority)
B. Political – The State must be more aggressive in handling illegal immigrants. Jobs that are created must only be given to valid residents of the state.( Short-term priority)
C. Technological – Funding should be raised by the State to improve the schools around Colorado. This must be a short-term priority because informatization should be fast.
D. Education – There should be a close collaboration between the industry and the schools. Colorado must be able to match the graduates with the upcoming industry brought about by global companies that may invest in the State. ( long-tem priority)
Globalization can be handled by Colorado . However, the bigger challenge is what evils of globalization does Colorado have to prepare for?
A3 . Indeed, the United States has begun to keep a low-profile in international events. However, it doesn’t mean that it is carrying a big stick. It is just being observant of world affairs but it wields a large influence on other countries. It would not be similar to the case of Britain since US would not lose its power. It maybe even staging a play that the world isn’t aware of. While it is true that other countries belonging to G20 like China and India are becoming dominant in international trade and politics, the US still has its influence. Most of trade policies crafted by WTO are highly influenced by US and other developed countries. US maybe in a recession but it still has vast amount of money since it has oilfields in Texas that can rival the Middle East. This is one thing that Britain has not anticipated : the future. While the rest of the world is busy with their affairs, US is ensuring its sustainability in case of threats from its enemies. Read More
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INTB3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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