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Question about legal and ehical issue in health care - Essay Example

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There is indeed a thin line between ethical and legal standpoint in every issue, and it is undeniable that there are instances when ethical ground is even stronger than legal basis.  It is sometimes more difficult to come to a decision using lawful reasons when it is…
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Question about legal and ehical issue in health care
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Download file to see previous pages The reaction of the managers and supervisors in the hospital where Gertrude was working as a head nurse can be deemed expected---if not evenhanded.  It can also be said that appropriate actions were taken to immediately resolve the protests; Charlotte, the clinical specialist, did not take the issue lightly; furthermore, she attempted to come up with the simplest solution by making an effort to have a discussion with Gertrude, hoping to have a clearer depiction on the complaints.  However, denial of all objections and refusal to admit that she was actually experiencing difficulties in relating to her colleagues did not help.  Her reluctance to communicate with her superior brought about the clinical specialist’s decision to seek the assistance of the seniors, which, in any aspect is ethically acceptable.
Gertrude, unmistakably, has demonstrated competence, and that is obviously one of the major reasons for the heads of the hospital to give more consideration to her.  Despite countless criticisms, as an employee, she established an impression of being conscientious when it comes to her obligations. Consequently, she was given the chance to prove herself.  After listening to her contentions, her superiors understood how difficult it could have been for her to handle such overwhelming administrative duties.   Again, this may be reckoned as impartially agreeable.
Considerate---that is probably how the action taken by the hospital heads can be construed.  It would have been partial had her superiors instantaneously dismissed her from the company where she has also given much of herself. Then again, Gertrude never showed significant glitch with responsibilities and was never evaluated as inadequate or inattentive.  It is thus explicable why her seniors did not show any hesitation to confer to her another opportunity to ascertain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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