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750 to 800 Word Limit Final Assessment Paper to be done in APA format - Essay Example

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State Coordinating Board – The board has the capacity to evaluate, approve and/or reject proposals for significant changes like additions to the curriculum. It also has the duty to recommend positive changes that will benefit the university, allocate funds, ensure that the…
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750 to 800 Word Limit Final Assessment Paper to be done in APA format
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Download file to see previous pages Their duties include the safeguarding of the university charter; the implementation of performance evaluations; budget allocation and fundraising; the election or appointment of the university president; and the performance assessment and monitoring of the president.
President/Chancellor – The University President generally ensures that the university is run properly and that the university’s standards are maintained and sustained; provides overall leadership to the university and its academic and non-academic departments; acts as the mediator between the board and the university administration; and is responsible for the public image of the university (Puss and Loss, 2009).
Provost – Also called the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the provost is in charge of everything that relates to academics and student affairs like performance evaluations of professors and students and student disciplinary measures; ensures that the curriculum of every course is complete; works closely with the president; recommends curriculum changes and additions; and acts as the mediator between the academic community within the university and the administrative bodies (Puss and Loss, 2009; Lombardi, et al., 2002).
Executive Vice Presidents/Vice Presidents – The various administrative duties of specific departments rest on the shoulders of the university’s vice presidents. They work in close contact with the provost and the president in order to discuss and resolve issues, like finance.
Heads of Colleges – The heads of these various schools and colleges are responsible for ensuring the stability and he smooth running of operations in the specific college he or she is assigned to. These academic heads report to the provost to make recommendations on positive changes, as well as resolve issues within their respective colleges.
Academic Deans – Academic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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