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The light skinned biracial woman, Clare is the central character of the novel. In spite of being biracial, Clare likes to pass as a white American woman…
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The novel Passing by Stella Larsen
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PASSING According to George Hutchinson Passing is an “extraordinary novel in many aspects but it is extraordinary above all for its treatment of Psychology of disavowal”.

Passing says the story of the two African –American woman who are varied only in the experiences in dealing with the races. The light skinned biracial woman, Clare is the central character of the novel. In spite of being biracial, Clare likes to pass as a white American woman. Thus she decides to abandon her background and takes a new approach. The book is mainly divided three parts the encounter ,the re-encounter and finale. Certainly it demonstrates an antagonism and at the same time a correlation between two meetings .
The novel leaves the reader with many unanswered questions. The fall of Clare is in haziness. The readers are forced t think about the major part played Irene in the fall of Clare Redfeild . Clare consciously accompanies Irene’s husband Brain in tea parties. During these outings Irene notices her ability with men. She has such a magnetic ability to charm and enthrall them with her beauty, pull them through her skilful speech. Irene is sure that Clare would go after anything that she desired with disregard to the feeling of others . “Why to get the thing I want badly enough, I would do anything, hurt anybody, throw anything away, I am not safe” p(81).
The real Irene is one who wishes to enjoy the liberal life of Clare .But she now blames herself for hiding the fact of being Black. John Bellow is also unknown about her identity. But in the curse of the time Irene notices the influence of Clare even on her own husband. To Irene, security was the most important and desired thing in life .It was clear that Irene at a moment subconsciously wished for an end to Clare. When Clare confesses about the breaking of the china tea cup to Hugwentworth that it was a mindful effort, she reveals her mind. The white tea cup is really Clare herself who has the same white ancestors and live in the world through deception. Clearly the shattering of the tea cup with its white fragments is the shadows of the impending death of Clare herself.
The reactions of Irene against the death of Clare was suspectful. Read More
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The Novel Passing by Stella Larsen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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