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Nella Larsen embodies this in her novel, Passing as she addresses specific thematic issues that affect the American society at the time. The…
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Passing by Nella Larsen
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Download file to see previous pages The selection and the portrayal of the thematic issues in the novel just as is the case with many other types of literature relies on the selection of the literary elements as the below analysis of Passing portrays.
Key among the literary elements is the use of first person narration in the novel. A voice is always essential in a novel since the author adopts a particular voice in conveying his or her message through the plot. In the Passing, the author adopts the first person narration technique. The author narrates the story through the experiences of the lead character, Irene Redfield. Living in the Harlem area of New York, Irene Redfield is a mixed race woman who strives to integrate in the racial discriminate American society at the time. The story in the novel thus recounts he life and experiences of Irene Redfield and her numerous white and African American friends as they face numerous challenges. The action in the novel opens up with Irene receiving a letter from her long lost friend, Clare Kendry.
The letter reminds her of their times together and the experiences they had in the city. The author of the novel therefore stylistically transfers her audience back into the history of the characters through a literary device known as flash back. Irene remembers her relationship with Clare the two women are both of mixed ancestry. They therefore underwent similar treatments by the society. Their passionate friendship broke soon after Clare’s father died since she went to live with her aunt in a different state. The separation implied that the two would grow up differently (Wall 101). As such, they became two different women a feature in the novel that validates the tension that Irene experiences once she receives the letter. The flashback is a strategic literary device that the author employs deliberately with the view of providing an adequate platform for comparison.
Just as the name suggests and the plot of the novel portrays, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Passing by Nella Larsen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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