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in Davidson n.p.). Though combinations of traits are usually seen, the dominating trait in them becomes the characteristic for the respective…
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Differences in Childrens Personalities
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Children’s Personalities According to Five Factor Model, children’s personalities can be broadly divided in to five different personality traits (qtd. in Davidson n.p.). Though combinations of traits are usually seen, the dominating trait in them becomes the characteristic for the respective child.
1. Conscientiousness: Children belonging to this category have a strong tendency for commitment and discipline (Davidson n.p.). They tend to perform even their daily activities in a planned and systematic manner. Precision can be observed in whatever they do, from arranging toys to doing their home works (Davidson n.p.).
2. Agreeableness: Compassion and cooperation are characteristic of children with this trait (Davidson n.p.). They prefer to be in company with others. They tend to be friendly with everyone, hardly giving any chance for conflicts. The only problem with this attitude is that people may exploit their friendliness (Davidson n.p.).
3. Neuroticism: Anxiety is quite common in these children (Davidson n.p.). They easily become nervous for even simple reasons. Special attention is required to provide these kids with a safe and pleasant atmosphere which keeps them free from frequent apprehensions.
4. Openness: Children with this trait tend to be adventurous (Davidson n.p.). They enjoy trying new things and taking risks. Though these kids impress others with their creativity, they also pose a problem by not paying heed to their parents at times (Davidson n.p.).
5. Extraversion: Assertiveness is the main feature in this trait (Davidson n.p.). Though these kids mostly love to converse with others, they often prefer loneliness as well. Being a center of attraction is what these children always want.
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Differences in Children'S Personalities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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