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The development of business activities - Essay Example

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The paper entitled "The development of business activities" dwells on the phenomenon of business activities. Reportedly, the development of business activities worldwide led to the differentiation of the plans used for the management of various organizational sectors…
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Extract of sample "The development of business activities"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major obstacles towards the increase of performance of the firm’s stores across the country seems to be the lack of fair and effective performance appraisal methods and reward systems; despite the fact that the performance appraisal methods should be based on the close cooperation between managers and employees (Falcone et al., 2007, 5) in DIY the level of cooperation among employees of different levels seems to be quite low. In fact, the store managers do not particularly interested in communicating with the employees of the store that is under their supervision – rather they are likely to emphasize on the increase of the profitability of the store – an increase of which they are going to be rewarded – through the Performance Related Pay (PRP) scheme applied to all the firm’s stores across Britain. At a next level, employees in DIY do not participate in the procedures related to the appraisal of their performance – even if their participation in the relevant schemes is required – as noted in the study of Harrington (2007, 58) where an emphasis is paid to the importance of performance reviews conducted by employees. It should be noted that no training of employees seems to be included in the firm’s current performance management system; training should be offered to employees and refer not only to the aspects of the firm’s performance management system but also to their skills – aiming to increase the employees’ skills and capabilities; such a training scheme would help towards the improvement of employees’ motivation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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