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The author of the present letter entitled "Writer’s Inventory Letter" comments on his/her progress in reading and writing. Namely, it is stated, "As you shall notice, I have made significant improvements since but still need to put a lot of effort in certain areas"…
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Extract of sample "Writers Inventory Letter"

(Two s) Your Street Address  and Zip Phone Number (Including Area   E-mail Address   2nd December, 2009 Position or Title of your Instructor
Name of the University/College
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Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr./Miss (Delete the irrelevant titles, Insert your instructor’s last name only here):
I am writing this letter purposefully to let you know of my progress in reading and writing. As you shall notice, I have made significant improvements since but still need to put a lot of effort in certain areas.
I must admit that this course has really proved helpful to me. I have learnt to that every article or letter that I write has a targeted audience, and that different audiences have certain unique characteristics that I must always take into consideration before starting to write. I have also learnt to organize my writing such that the main ideas I write about are grouped in paragraphs. Also, I have discovered that choosing topics is not as difficult as I initially found it to be – it needs creativity in many cases.
One thing that I have never quite learnt is how to make transitions when introducing new ideas. The use of connectors such as “so … that, although, no sooner …than and though” have proved to be quite challenging. Similarly, incorporating quotes and citing other people’s works in my writing has remained a challenge – maybe because I haven’t learnt how to use some punctuations marks. Although my grammar has improved, I know I have quite a lot to do still. For example many times I misspell words that look so simple. Because my grammar is still inadequate, I often lack words to use in place of others. I will try reading more literature to lean more words and how to use them.
I need to learn how to keep to the topic as I write. In many occasions I have presented irrelevant information and far exceeded or presented inadequate material. I may start writing well but somewhere along the line I go off topic. I tend to use so many words to explain even simple concepts. I hope to work on these weaknesses. I will have to practice more to stick to the topic.
I also want to thank you for being so helpful to me and to the whole of our class.
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(Write Your Name Here)
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