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Organizational globalization in human resources - Essay Example

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What this has meant is the fact that business regimes of present times have understood the premise of going global and hence making their…
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Organizational globalization in human resources
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Download file to see previous pages This will play a pivotal role within the understandings that are reached between the organizations and the different processes that are happening on a global level. It is very necessary for the stakeholders to realize their respective roles within the organization globalization realms as it gives them a clear cut idea as to how they should take care of their money and invest within such quarters that has a very global feel towards the ideology of building the competencies of the organization (Guillen 2001). This will reap rich results for the organization as it is bent upon going global in order to seek the best possible outcomes, which indeed is a very enticing proposition for any business at the end of the day.
The definition of organizational globalization is “putting the local domains of a business in the perspective of the global industry”. This helps the organization to maneuver its basis within the international dynamics as well as helps it build upon the premise of a positive change, one that will bring about solid results. The definition of organizational globalization has therefore focused on the agenda of bringing a basis of worldliness with the norms and procedures that are followed within the organizations. It gives the companies a kind of leverage that is not very hard to envision, and more so because these organizations have adequately understood how their processes and related undertakings are going to be taken care of. If the element of globalization comes into the equation, there is a sense of doing things in accordance with the global regimes – an achievement for the organization in its own right.
The fact that organizational globalization has been able to create a huge difference within the work realms is something that can be taken as a positive. It gives the companies the much needed boost as far as complying with their local working basis is concerned. It also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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