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Analysis of Generals Die In Bed through the eyes of two chosen authors - Essay Example

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The appalling low value set on the lives of common soldiers fighting World War I is chillingly dissected by a Canadian author, Charles Yale Harrison (1930), in his parody, “Generals Die In Beds.”. The not dissimilar views of two disparate but prominent book reviewers…
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Analysis of Generals Die In Bed through the eyes of two chosen authors
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Download file to see previous pages ng set the tone of this Paper, one work each of the prominent French philosopher, writer, and composer of the eighteenth-century Jean Jaques Rousseau and the renowned British naturalist of the nineteenth-century, Charles Robert Darwin, is also reviewed in the same light.
Those who have seen the highly acclaimed award-winning TV Series made by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Blackadder (September-November 1989), starring comedians Rowan Atkinson, et al. will understand World War I in its true perspective. Rather than the Germans, who remain unseen, Blackadders adversary comes in the form of his superior, General Melchett who rallies his troops from a French château 35 miles behind the front, wining and dining on Champagne, Caviar and Cigars while his troops, rotting in damp trenches and existing on one distasteful looking meal, die of lack of medical care, sepsis, diarrhea and dysentery, a dozen to the day. Blackadders final line is poignant, just before leading his men into a suicidal final push at Flanders: “Well, I am afraid its time to go. Whatever your plans to avoid certain death were, I’m sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman around here? Good luck, everyone.” (,
New Orleans, reviewed the parody in 2002 ( as follows. “Generals Die in Bed (Harrison, 1930), is almost unknown today. It was published in 1930 to rave reviews. ‘It has a sort of flat-footed straightness about it that gets down the torture of the front line about as accurately as one can ever get it’ ( John Dos Passos, 1930). The New York Evening Post called it ‘the best of the war books.’ Harrisons novel, based on his own service as a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, is graphic, intense, and very powerfully anti-war while not being overtly political. It is remarkable to read about a war that was plainly hell, and for the man ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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