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Pervaisve Systems - Essay Example

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The ultimate goal of all technology is to pervade the environment completely and get integrated into the everyday life in a ubiquitous and unobtrusive manner. This disappearance of technology is a result of human psychology, and when that happens to any technology, it means the…
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Pervaisve Systems
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Download file to see previous pages aptop, or even virtual reality with the user wearing special goggles and sitting in front of a complex machine is against the principles of pervasive technology. Essentially, the computer must slip into the fabric of everyday life, embedded into every conceivable electronic device, and transform our way of life from within.
Display technology is already improving with high-resolution flat-panels and falling prices. However, this is still more valid for small displays. Truly large displays will need ultra advanced microprocessors that achieve the desired high degree of power efficiency, lighter weight and low costs. The displays will have to include equally efficient memory storage devices, or disks. A large disk storing a terabyte of information – roughly equivalent to the data content of the Library of Congress – will be commonplace. Without this, the aim of pervasive computing cannot be realized.
Secondly, new software will have to be developed to cope up with such large quantum of information. Thirdly, the network that can connect such pervasive hardware and software poses another challenge for the future.
The current computer technology has a constraint that the user must remain holed up in front of a brightly lit screen. It is unhealthy from a physical as well as a social point of view. This barrier must be crossed with pervasive computing. Pervasive computers will reside in the human world, posing no hurdles to personal human interactions. In fact, by shrinking the world with advanced connectivity, the ubiquitous computers will only help to bring communities closer together.
The second aspect of pervasive technology in the future will be the convergence of sensing, monitoring, networking, and computing technologies. A futuristic vision of our planet seems to be teeming with billions of wireless ultrawideband communication nodes connected to countless pinhead sized cameras, microphones, motion detectors, and biometric and other sensors to form a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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