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Not only this statement is true for physical sciences but at the same time, this law has proven itself in the marketing world as well. The rise of 20th century marked the beginning of a new…
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ETHICAL CONSUMERS . myth or reality
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Download file to see previous pages The result was obvious and very predictable. It led to huge scale destruction and exploitation of resources of the planet earth, pollution, human and animal abuse and a long run destruction of everyone at this planet. That was the time when the experts and media people jumped on to the scene and started creating awareness amongst the public. The masses wanted to follow the ethical path and wanted to stop the companies from their unethical actions for making profits. They all agreed that it is the responsibility of all of them to stop this destruction and unethical actions, somehow or other. That was when; the consumers became conscious about their power, about the difference that they could make.
They understood the fact that these companies depend of them and they can use this dependency to make these companies work their way. Consumers developed common platforms and came up with useful strategies. It started to work. By boycotting, the products of those companies involved in unethical means of production pressure grew on the companies to change their course of action. Moreover, the decreased profits made the companies to do it so as well. The process of acquiring products that are produced without violating ethical grounds and code of conduct can be termed as ethical consumerism and these consumers are called as ethical consumers (Wetherly, & Otter, pp.12-18, 2008).
People were unaware of the term of ethical consumerism before the past three decades. This is after the early 70’s era that the masses became conscious about the violation of moral and ethical standards for more profits by companies. These actions were certainly crossing the limits of patience of the public, that is why the masses had to stand up by themselves for the sake of this planet, its eco-system and betterment of their coming generations and making sure that they leave a better world for their coming generations. Following are some of most notable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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