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“Efficiency is ‘doing the right thing’ – it defines whether processes are completed using the least resources and in the shortest time possible” (Chaffey,…
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OPS Assignment
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The problematic process: A process means by arranging inputs in such a way so that they work out efficiently to develop a proper output. “Efficiency is ‘doing the right thing’ – it defines whether processes are completed using the least resources and in the shortest time possible” (Chaffey, 2008).
Now, let’s begin the process by taking a daily life example of a person doing job in a company. Suppose, his job is to take orders from the company related to various software projects and to complete them in time given to him by the company. The process he uses to complete those orders is comprised of some essential steps. These steps include taking orders from the company, making a database of orders in his laptop, starting with the problem statements of the orders, analyzing the issues, writing sequence of steps to be taken for gathering of data, switching on the internet, searching for the required software modules, perform coding as per requirement of those software projects, testing them, making the document of the project which needed at least four hours, and in the end, deliver the ordered software projects to the company and getting paid for the successful accomplishment of the orders.
Now, all these steps mentioned above take a very long time in order to get an order completed. Like he takes two orders per day in which one order requires coding and the other one requires just documentation. But the problem here is that he will start doing second project when he will get the first order completed. He spends at least ten hours to complete both orders. His personal life also gets affected due to this long duration. The thing is that he should make an efficient flowchart to get these orders completed spending less time. To accomplish this, he will have to hire an individual who has expertise in typing a proper document for the software projects.
Flowchart for the identified process:
The flowchart he will use will start by getting orders from the company, saving the problems statements in the laptop, coming home, switching on the laptop, make two different folders for the project out of which one folder will contain the software which will require coding and the other one will contain the software which will require documentation. Now he will call the person whom he has hired for documenting the project. While he will perform coding for the first software, the other person will start documenting the other software which will reduce the time to complete two orders. In this way, both the orders will get completed simultaneously within six hours instead of ten.
If yes
If no

Metric used:
Now, the metric used here to measure the time of the process is the documentation time. As the person needed four hours to complete the project which required documentation, these four hours will be cut off from those ten hours that were sent to complete two orders. So, if he works six days per week, he will be able to save twenty-four hours to spend with his family.
Chaffey, D. (2008). Why effective and effectiveness measures are important to strategy. : Your Guide to Digital Business. Retrieved from Read More
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OPS Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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