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Peer Polity Interaction and Socio-Political Change - Essay Example

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This normally happens within a similar geographical location. The exchanges in the peer polity interaction may include emulation, warfare activities,…
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Peer Polity Interaction and Socio-Political Change
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Extract of sample "Peer Polity Interaction and Socio-Political Change"

Download file to see previous pages This mainly related to the Barbarian tribes and, to some extent, other empires. The interactions were mainly given as the cause for the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the first period of happenings that were considered to be the Dark Age. There is an overall perspective in our society that reflects the way of life. Politics, which include the method through which a given group of people are governed, is diverse and varies from one society to the other. Soci-political changes therefore reflect the general changes in the ways of life. Such changes are normally associated with certain aspects of doing things and the historical perspectives that shape our ways of life (Cioffi-Revilla 2005).
It is normally crucial for people to revisit some paradigms that underline the collective thinking and action that various leadership styles reflect in our society. During periods of crisis certain methodologies are employed to solve the problems that exist. The need to revisit some of the paradigms that underlie collective action and thinking always occur. A large body of theoretical and empirical research has attempted to confirm that societies strive politically and economically whenever they are able to build strong non-state actors that foster community organizations. Every society has the potential to contribute in various ways to the common good of humanity. According to Burger (681-604), there is the possibility of the existence of the production of negative social capital by individuals who do not cooperate in doing what is commonly good for the entire society.
Any attempt to analyze politics in antiquity normally presents various new opportunities for both political and international relations. Governance is done through institutions of leadership that are put up to ensure that services reach the target subjects and efficient leadership is practiced. The term polity is normally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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