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Compare the royal dictatorships of two balkan countries in the 1930s - Essay Example

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The world observed the awkward and fatal consequences of the war for the next two decades that put the economies and political stability of several European countries at grave jeopardy. The decade of 1930s was the most…
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Compare the royal dictatorships of two balkan countries in the 1930s
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Download file to see previous pages Bojinovic views that while Balkan region had always been absorbed in its internal politics, it did not prove itself as cooperative towards the outer world. “Economically and culturally,” Bojinovic submits, “the Balkan states until the 20th Century were not intensely cooperating with the rest of Europe; only the mentioned coastal parts were connected with the West. As exposed above, the economic and socio-cultural element resulted in a perception of Balkans as ‘other Europe’–very different, even strange.” (Todorova 2001: p 25; quoted in Bojinovic, 2004: p 5)
The present paper aims to make a comparative analysis of the nature of the political developments introduced and adopted by the two Balkan states, i.e. Bulgaria and Greece, during 1930s, for both these countries experienced monarchical dictatorship in their political systems during that era. Like other Balkan states, Bulgaria also witnessed grave financial crisis during 1920s, which lasted in 1930s too to a great extent. “Bulgaria might have escaped the usual turmoil, thanks to its stable peasant economy and the absence of large ethnic minorities. However, two elements led to crises and authoritarianism: rural-urban tensions and terrorism among Macedonian refugees.” (Retrieved from The main reason behind the financial turmoil was political uncertainty and dictatorial regime of Boris III, which put the future and growth of the country at stake in order to prolong his personal rule.
Similarly, another Balkan state i.e. Greece underwent similar characteristics. Greece is regarded as one of the most primitive civilizations of the world, which had been source of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration for centuries. In modern times, she had to undergo continuous threat from the neighbouring countries, particularly from the Ottoman Empire. Situated at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare the Royal Dictatorships of Two Balkan Countries in the 1930s Essay.
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