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A clinical incident - Essay Example

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This paper is being written to convey my thoughts, ideas and reflections I experienced while assisting in a tracheostomy, a first for me and watching as a patient refused treatment of dialysis after attempting to commit suicide. Abiding by the Gibbs model of reflection, I…
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A clinical incident
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. Halliday who had just undergone surgery for gastric carcinoma under general anaesthesia had respiratory distress during my posting in the post operative room. The anaesthetist advised tracheostomy. Immediately my senior whom I had assisted twice already in the procedure and observed it being done by her many times, posted me to the duty of assisting the anaesthetist to do it. I had half an hour to prepare myself, the patient and the family for the procedure.
The moment that I learned that I had been posted, I felt a little shaky. Could I go through with it? It was my first participation in a tracheostomy. The senior boosted my confidence and told me she would be around if assistance was needed. First I ensured the availability of the emergency tracheostomy kit. I had to speak to the patient and his family of wife and son about the procedure and its outcome. The patient himself was a little hazy from the anaesthesia of surgery. The wife and son were easily convinced but they wanted to know whether it is just for now or long term. Informing them that it has been intended for a short duration now and is being done for controlling the secretions, I felt pleased that things had started off smoothly.
Checking the list that is used for the packing of instruments and other equipment for the emergency tracheostomy during preparation for autoclaving, I felt everything needed had been ready. The outer tube, the snugly fitting inner tube, the flange which lies against the patient’s chest and the 15mm termination which fits all ventilators and respiratory equipment were the main components necessary (Tracheostomy care working group, 2000). The optional parts were the cuff which helps fix the tube in position, the air inlet valve which prevents the escape of air, the air inlet line which would allow air to move from the air inlet valve to the cuff and the pilot cuff which is an indicator of the amount of air in the cuff (Tracheostomy care working group, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Clinical Incident Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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